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City Spirits

Don’t be frightened by these Spirits!
It’s time to game your favorite city.


City Spirits

Don’t be frightened by these Spirits!
It’s time to game your favorite city.


Portland Oregon is Haunted!

Spirits of Portland have come to haunt our city

City Spirits is a game that guides you on a tour through the history and pop culture that makes Portland unique. You will explore the city in a fun new way by following clues that lead to Spirits that are “haunting” popular tourist locations.  If you are the first person to catch a Spirit by unlocking the clues to the puzzle, you become the new Spirit Keeper of that NFT gaining all the benefits of ownership!  There is a limited edition of City Spirits NFTs for Portland so owning one will give you a collectable to hold on to.  In addition, being a Spirit Keeper gives you benefits of unique experiences, free products, discounts and other great perks around Portland area businesses.  Come Join the fun! 

How well do you
know Portland?

Play the Game!

  1. Spirits will come to haunt locations all around Portland Oregon.
  2. Sign up to get clues on how to find spirits at haunted locations.
  3. Grab your friends and unlock Portland’s secrets.
  4. Learn about Portland’s unique history and pop culture.
  5. Keep the spirit close, it is a NFT! Each Spirit is a ticket to fun!

Are You Ready Portland?

How Do I Catch a Spirit?

A City Spirit NFT is your ticket to unique experiences that bring people together in fun new ways.  City Spirits are one of a kind each with a unique combination of costume, facial expression and accessories.  No City Spirit NFT is the same as another.  Depending on your City Spirit’s trait combination, you will be eligible for product discounts, freebies and VIP treatment at local businesses.

Becoming a Spirit Keeper is Easy

  • Mint a City Spirit NFT

    Each City Spirits collection is limited to one release per city.  Each Spirit is a NFT that you can hold in your Solana based wallet such as Phantom. Minting is how a NFT comes into existence and becomes part of the blockchain.

  • Search for Haunted Locations

    Join the game to get clues that will help you find Spirits.  Complete challenges to win NFTs.   Get ready to explore the city collecting points along the way.  Knowing your history and pop culture facts will help you get ahead!  

  • Report City Spirit Sightings

    City Spirits could be flying around anytime looking for new places to haunt so make sure to keep an eye out and if you see one you can report it in the game dashboard. You can also get free entries by completing online mini quests from our City Spirit sponsors.  

What will keeping a spirit do for me?

  • Become a City Spirit VIP 

    Each city has a collection of City Spirits with unique traits that represent that city’s spirit (history & culture)!  Businesses sponsor traits so depending on what your Spirit looks like, you will receive free products, discounted services and VIP treatment in that city for that business! 

  • Join the City Spirit Community 

    Each city has a community organization that is given funds provided by 13% of City Spirit NFT sales commissions from that city to use for tourism based initiatives.  Members can propose ideas to be voted on. 

  • Stake Your City Spirit NFT to Earn SPOOK$ Tokens

    You can earn SPOOK$ tokens every week by staking your spirit or burning it in our X-terminator for more surprises.  SPOOK$ can be traded for prizes from our partners in our upcoming SPOOK$ exchange.

  • Win Free NFTs

    Your spirit level increases as your progress through the game collecting more City Spirit NFTs. We will also be dropping NFTs from other collections here and there within the game so check the clues to find them! 

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Got Questions?

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