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About City Spirits


All About City Spirits

City Spirits NFTs are Digital collectibles that give holders membership to an exclusive community with Access to unique benefits.

City Spirits is a game that will guide you on a tour through the history and pop culture of your favorite cities. You will explore the world in a fun new way by following clues that lead to Spirits  “haunting” popular tourist locations.  If you are the first person to catch a Spirit by unlocking the clues and completing challenges, you become the new Spirit Keeper of that NFT gaining all the benefits of ownership!  There are a limited number of City Spirits NFTs so owning one will give you a valuable collectible to hold on to.  Being a Spirit Keeper also gives you unique benefits like free products, discounts and VIP treatment at local area businesses.  Come Join the fun! 

Become a Spirit Seeker to play

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Spirit Keeper Benefits

Soon you will be able to trade your City Spirits on Magic Eden Marketplace.  You can post your Spirit for sale, buy other peoples spirits and collect as many as you want! The more you have the higher level you rank and the better benefits you will receive. 

  • Become a City Spirit VIP 

    Each city has a collection of City Spirits with unique traits that represent that city’s spirit (history & culture)!  Businesses sponsor traits so depending on what your Spirit looks like, you will receive free products, discounted services and VIP treatment in that city for that business! 

  • Join the City Spirit Community 

    Each city has a community organization that is given funds provided by 13% of City Spirit NFT sales commissions from that city to use for tourism based initiatives.  Members can propose ideas to be voted on. 

  • Stake Your City Spirit NFT to Earn SPOOK$ Tokens

    You can earn SPOOK$ tokens every week by staking your spirit or burning it in our X-terminator for more surprises.  SPOOK$ can be traded for prizes from our partners in our upcoming SPOOK$ exchange.

  • Win Free NFTs

    Your spirit level increases as your progress through the game collecting more City Spirit NFTs. We will also be dropping NFTs from other collections here and there within the game so check the clues to find them! 

Play the Game!

We are currently in Portland Oregon! 

Sign-up to start receiving information about the game including hints to spirit sightings and  clues to unlock haunted locations.  You start out as Spirit Seeker but as soon as you find, buy, trade or win a City Spirit you level up to becoming a Spirit Keeper.  Spirit Keepers get additional clues and access to keeper only contests to win additional spirits.  The more you have the higher your level!

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