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SPOOK$ Tokenomics

Spirit Keepers will receive 77% of total SPOOK$ supply.  We are using SPOOK$ internally for bonuses to ensure our team has some skin in the game. Since our team members can’t play the game this how we can bring them in. 


We realize that when you stake any NFT to receive tokens in return you want to know a few things.  First is what is the total supply. And second is what rate will they be released.  We have come up with a mechanism that will ensure that a lower number of NFTs will be staked at any given time because some people will want to keep their spirits in their wallet to qualify for the Spirit Trait rewards.     

What side will you choose?


It is important to keep SPOOK$ tokens sought after by bringing SOL into the cycle and capturing it while reducing the total SPOOK$ supply through a burn mechanism. We further accelerate the cycle by allowing City Spirit NFTs to be burned forever reducing the total supply of NFTs that can create SPOOK$ tokens.


SPOOK$ Tokens will be released slowly to players, employees and investors.   

Investors will receive 5% of their total allocation each month for 20 months.  

Employees will get monthly SPOOK$ bonuses limited to 1000 per month with a 10% annual increase. 

Players have to play to earn!

Don’t forget, fun is priceless!