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City Spirit FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

The number 1 question we get is…
“What makes City Spirits so special that I should be part of it?” 

The answer may be a bit long but worth the read. 

  1. Our team is experienced, dedicated with successful SaaS products for the restaurant and lodging industry, destination marketing, event ticketing, and text message communications.
  2. Our game is fun to play and rewards you while exploring the world around you. 
  3. We have spent many months, and countless hours developing our proof-of-work game platform, roadmap, tokenomics and whitepaper.
  4. NFTs with certain traits get trait bounty rewards. We give holders the option to use their NFT to get real world benefits from our sponsors such as free products, tickets etc.   
  5. We have a 10 SOL perpetual raffle for NFT holders. The Pot is funded with 13% of sales commissions so it keeps on accumulating with City Spirit sales. Every time it reaches 10 SOL a winner is chosen. 
  6. Holders can stake their NFT to get Solana based SPOOK$ tokens (SLP) that can be used to get whitelist and more free NFTs.  Once NFTs are staked they no longer qualify for the raffle or sponsor trait bounties.  Giving users this choice both slows SPOOK$ supply and increases chances of winning SOL raffles.  
  7. Holders are members of the Spirit DAO funded by 13% of commissions from all City Spirit NFT sales.  The DAO votes on what to use the funds for ranging from setting up tourism based initiatives that can pay back holders to donating it to a local charity or even just splitting up it amongst the holders.   Its your money!
  8. We collaborate with other projects to give away free NFTs and to take users on a journey to learn about new projects using mini quests and providing clues that make users explore different metaverse projects.  
  9. This project is made by creators who love to listen to community and become a catalyst for change. Our Grand Spook has been President of our cities Chamber of Commerce, Lead community development initiatives and major events,  He currently serves on the State of Oregon Tour & Travel Alliance board of directors.  Our company is breaking into Web3 in a big way! 

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